The Russian folk tradition has been the inspiration for my high-waisted coats, dresses with embroidered yokes, pinafores, 'shugays' (short-tailed jackets with sleeves, round turndown neckpiece, clasps and waist made from silk, brocade or chintz), 'dushegreyas' (short pleated ladies' waistcoats) and 'epanechkas' (loose sleeveless cloaks). To create them, I use the authentic cut of folk clothes which I study methodically in Russian villages or with the help of specialist books on vintage clothing. It goes without saying that all these designs have been adapted to be aesthetically pleasing in this day and age. It has to be said that the cut of traditional Russian clothes suits Slav looking women much better than slightly aggressive Western fashions.


Folk suit
Patchwork technique
Modern suit
Russian modern
Silk theme



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