"Woman's clothes is an attribute, a pedestal of her divinity"

Marcel Prust

The main purpose of the fasion designer is to help Woman to find her image, express herself, her unique individuality. Clothing can do everything: create a new style, emphasize the one that is already found and at the same time ruin Womans personality.

I create clothes for women of all age. The Fashion dressing only the Youth that least of all needs it is unfair.

I think a Woman must always try to look well: at home, at work, out of town and , surely, sometimes have evenings of Magnificence of Dress. Thats why my works are really different: house , businesslike and evening dresses. But meanwhile I would like the Woman in her image to look special and feel at ease in any situations.

In my works I make a start from Russian traditions and Russian art nouveau. Europe is being gradually united and it surely influences Fashion. But Russia being at the edge of Europe and at the same time in immediate proximity to East can preserve its uniqueness much better.
And in my works I try to bond historical traditions with present-day spirit and new mode of life.


Folk suit
Patchwork technique
Modern suit
Russian modern
Silk theme



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